Welcome to the CAW

The "Club Ausländischer Weihenstephaner" is a club for foreign (and German!) students who study at Weihenstephan. The focus of the club is on social interaction between students from around the world. Although German is the official language, an ever-increasing number of the club's members are still learning German. Everyone is welcome at the CAW, regardless of their language abilities!

This page is designed to give non-German speakers an overview of the club. We hope to see you at an event soon!


CAW 1939The CAW was founded in January 1939, as World War Two loomed. It provided a much-needed point of contact and reassurance for the international students studying in Freising. As the threat to their safety increased, members would go to lectures together and meet each evening.

By the end of the war and in the late 1940s, most members came from Austria and Switzerland, but over the years the international diversity increased and already by the early 1950s there were members from Czechoslovakia, Italy, Brazil, the USA and Argentina.

Since most international students came to Weihenstephan to study brewing at the world-famous brewing school, the club has a long tradition with the brewing industry. This historical tradition is reflected in the logo, which depicts hops and barley – the most important ingredients in beer.

The club was traditionally dominated by male brewers, but this has changed dramatically in recent years. The popularity of the Erasmus exchange programmes and the introduction of English-language courses such as the MSc in Sustainable Resource Management have substantially changed the make-up of the club. While still coming from all corners of the globe, our members now study a whole range of degree programmes and include non-German speakers. The gender ratio has balanced out at around 50-50.

The Stammtisch

StamtischA "Stammtisch" is a German tradition, and translates roughly as "regulars' table". It is where a group meets at the same table, in the same pub, at the same time regularly each week or month. The CAW meets once a week, on Wednesdays at 8pm (9pm in the summer semester), in the Schneider Weisse, Vöttinger Strasse 2a. The Stammtisch is a great place to meet other students and make new friends.

As with most the other Stammtisches that take place in towns and cities throughout Germany, there are a few traditions involved. The first is the singing of the CAW song, a short Italian ditty about a soldier finding the girl of his dreams. This is followed by the passing around of the Stiefl (boot). But this isn't any old boot; it's a glass boot and it's filled with beer! Don't worry if you're not a beer drinker: drinking from the Stiefl is voluntary, and there are of course non-alcoholic drinks available.

Other events

The CAW organises other events as well, such as parties, barbeques and excursions. Recent trips have included 4-day visits to the Czech Republic and Belgium, a day trip to a brewery near Salzburg where we brewed our very own wheat beer, an international gourmet evening, parties at the Freising Volksfest, and day trips to Passau and the monastery of Andechs.

Becoming a member

Everybody is welcome to come to our events. Students who want to get a little more involved with the club have the opportunity each December to become a member. Advantages include discounted drinks at CAW events and reduced prices for our excursions, as well as the warm snug feeling that comes with being involved in such a unique club.

More information

The latest events and posted to our Facebook page. That's also where you'll find photos from previous events and other information. If you have any questions, just drop us an email to info <at> dercaw.de. See you in Schneiders!